About Bee Mindful Marketing

BEE Mindful Marketing was the creation of Michelle Ann and has been a driving force in being a platform for green business marketing & promotions.
She is a mom of 4 young children and a full time On-The-Go Sales/Marketing & Promotions Organic Brand Ambassador for many organic/healthy brands. She believes solely  in a healthy life & planet for everyone. Most of all she believes that there should be full transparency in the products we eat & use daily 😉
Michelle Ann is entrepreneur at heart that DREAMS BIG and is working on opening a HEALTHY DETOX ORGANIC HAIR COLOR BAR/SUITE that inspires people to be conscious & healthier in world that we live in.
Her family life and husband is of most importance to her…
Spirituality and Love motivate her to be part of many causes and charities..True Libra at heart (fair to everyone)..
A balancing act like the scales;that she enjoys through her crazy home life..hehehehe

After all that her top priority is her 6th child (A true labor of love) THIS BLOG….
Then comes food…..Then comes the planet in a baby carriage… (not another one) hahaha..
Oh and Yes… A weird kinda sense of humor.. Which you would either love or hate???? But that is who she is….
As an eco friendly health nut she is inspired to change the world one person at a time..
Even if it means “WORK” what most people call it .. She calls it “PASSION”….
But when you start with a true foundation like people and their abilities; YOU soon realize they too are
all unique and beautiful in their own way. It drives her deeper into extending a hand..
Michelle Ann has an ability to reach people and drive them to their ultimate goal through motivation and in believing in themselves.
She truly loves helping people to find their “WHY’s and talents…


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